What is MoDa Report?

MoDa = ‘Mo’m + ‘Da’d

Let Professor Hans Von Puppet Explain.

The MoDa Report is a website you visit, find a link that interests you, then click the link to leave and read some awesome Mom and Dad blogs that you may have never heard of or read. Then return to the MoDa Report again, so you can leave to another site, then return, then leave… I think you get the picture.

We find Mom and Dad blogs that post funny, touching, controversial, serious, stories, creative pictures, videos and more, then link to them so you can check them out too.

We update the MoDa Report very often. Daily in most cases. So there will always be something new for you to read.

If you love Mom and Dad blogs the MoDa Report is perfect for you. Bookmark the site and check it out whenever you want to read some parenting shenanigans from another Mom or Dad out there in the blogger world.

We have also included a way for you to get your favorite blog posts on the MoDa Report. If you own the blog and want to send us one of your favorite posts, or if you are a fan of the blog and want more people to read it you can submit the blog post on the bottom right side of the MoDa Report Home Page.

There are so many incredible parenting blogs out there and we want readers to have a simple and fun way to read them.

We hope you enjoy it here and return for more Mom and Dad blog reading.

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